special thanks

We would like to thank all participating photographers in Egypt for their commitment to the project, their immense creativity and not least for their willingness to tell us their stories!

Special thanks to Ismaeel our project coordinator in Cairo without who non of this would have been possible at all!

Thanks as well to Nani and Yasser for the purchase and transportation of cameras. Same to Ann-Kathrin and Emma.

Thanks as well to the enourmous enthousiastic crowd who invited participators in Egypt. Especially to Michelle, the girls from the Barakah Agency, Cairo, Jamila and the London/York crew.

Thanks to Bin Jamal  for super fast translations!

We would also like to thank  Z+ for the generous funding and support.

We also thank Kodak Switzerland for sponsoring us a bunch of single-use-cameras.

Thanks to Leopold Helbich for his constant and sometimes spectacular support!

Thanks to all the supportive ZHdK staff, especially Ursi Rey and the tech crew.

As well thanks to neue Dringlichkeit for feedback, web support and your good vibes. Keep it up!

Finally thanks a lot to all the other supporters who can’t all be named here!


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